Celebrating the 15th anniversary in 2018

Since 2004 when Music Guangzhou was founded, it has been making efforts in building a professional and effective trade show for musical instruments in China and providing a favorable trading and communication platform for the industry. In 2018, Music Guangzhou will mark its 15th anniversary. This time, the exhibition space will be increased to 40,000 m2. And over 700 exhibitors from all around the world will gather in this grand show to present innovative technology and products, meanwhile, they make their contribution in exploring the future development of music culture.

Floorplan of Hall Layout

  Steady growth in exhibition space and visitors group
In 2017, the exhibition space of Music Guangzhou has made a year-on-year growth of 16.7%. The 2017 show has attracted tremendous professional buyers and visitors, in which an annual increase of 8.1% was made. In 2018, it¨s estimated that the exhibition space will grow up by 14.3% and 75,000 visitors will come to the show.
  A full range of fringe programmes

In the coming 15th anniversary, we are planning to host a series of activities concerning with music culture, education, art and industry trend, etc. We will pay close attention to the frontier information and improve your visiting experience.

  Exhibition Profiles
Pianos & Keyboards
Stringed Instruments
Percussion Instruments
Electric & Electronic Musical
Traditional Chinese
Brass and Wind Instruments
Accordions and Harmonicas
Sheet Music and Books
Music Education and

Music Related Computer
  Hardwares & Softwares
Associations and Media
  Multiple Channels for Pre-registration

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