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Sending love and warmth to the countryside and countryside donation activity


In order to vigorously promote the traditional virtue of helping the poor, benevolence, providing supplies to help the students, enhance the social responsibility of a company and promote a healthy and upward corporate culture actively, since November the company has launched a compassion donation activity to collecting books, literary and sport items, computer and equipment, etc.

The Party Branch of the Guangdong Science & Technology Exchange Centre has taken the lead in the compassion donation activity and Guangdong Science & Technology Exhibition has jointly organized it. The Party members and the cadres at all levels and the employees have extensively participated in it.

At the same day, the employees have formed free combinations for tour, including double ride, single ride and four-person ride. In the mid way, the sun is scorching down in some sections of the way. Some employees changed its way on the slope and their partners immediately lent a helping hand, downhill together and hand in hand. Such small movement has passed on the team spirit of mutal love and mutual help among the employees.

Near to midday, the labor union has elaborately prepared a hearty farm food and the whole scene was enjoyable.

After lunch, the riding activity was over. Just one day has allowed the employees to enjoy the happy hours of close contact with the nature. In the activity, the employees have also brought their spirit of mutual help into full play.