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Review of the 2016 exhibition (Part three) - Guangzhou International Musical Instruments Exhibition


2016 Guangzhou International Musical Instruments Exhibition in March 5th in China's import and export commodities trading exhibition hall B successfully concluded. As 2016 the first musical instrument industry event, the exhibition coincides with the shopping season, four days extension ushered in a total of 68441 name the audience at home and abroad to visit the exhibition (including the same period light and sound show), the number of exhibitors enterprises and the audience were a record high. During the same period held more than a good theme activities, the exhibition was a consensus with the audience.


Renowned brands gathered to highlight the advantages of production base

The current exhibition area of 30000 square meters, set up three big hall, convergence of piano, violin, guitar, acoustic instruments, musical instruments, hit musical instruments, musical instruments, books, music, musical instruments, accessories and music education and training etc. products. Adhering to the piano and violin, consistent and atmospheric, elegant style, in addition to show the classical old piano, this year the exhibition site the many innovative products, such as automatic performance piano piano and intelligent, attract many visitors stop. Guangdong is the largest guitar production base of China this year electro acoustic Museum still popular, the museum show a after another, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and neat appearance, showing "Guangdong to create" model. Museum of folk music, melodious piano, music appreciation, to see the goods purchase crowd in a continuous line.


Music education has become the new commanding point

In addition, this year's show, the first set of music education and training area rising popularity, by the in hot pursuit of the audience and exhibitors, including Roland education, Jody children's piano, Xin Baxing education and the one intelligent piano and other well-known music training enterprise exhibitors. Exhibition site also has a music education to observe the experience of the classroom, so that the audience and join the audience to learn more about intelligent music education.


Industry person evaluation

This year for the first time exhibitors of Yinuo instrument with Han Guochun hand made violin unveiled at the Guangzhou Fair, general manager Mr. Qian Junjian to show gave full recognition, he said, this year first year in Guangzhou musical instruments exhibition, the effect was surprising, foreign buyers more than expected, the second day of the show have reached a deal on pen orders, next year will continue to Musical Instrument Exhibition in Guangzhou.

This year coincides with the Yangzhou Longfeng instrument the thirtieth anniversary, guqin Guangling school heritage Quan Tian teacher said, nearly two years, more and more customers, consumer groups changed, which prompted the they have once again chosen Musical Instrument Exhibition in Guangzhou. Exhibition in order to show and meet with old friends, the flow of people than expected, will continue to participate in the next year.

During the exhibition rising popularity, the audience also exhibits a superb collection of beautiful things to give a high evaluation.

Kim John from South Korea, Mr. said the Guangzhou musical instruments show the better the better, the harvest is full, to find a few new, have the opportunity to develop Chinese suppliers, their products are very good quality.

From Germany, Ms. Abby is already the second year to visit the, glad to see all kinds of classical Chinese musical instruments, make a deep impression on her, Liulianwangfan.


Focus on industry hot spots, taste cultural feast

As the South China region is the only musical instrument exhibition, the exhibition also held a a series of lectures, seminars and on-site performance in sharing music lovers and music event at the same time, more the personage inside course of study provides opportunities for experience sharing and exchange of information.

After thirteen years of unremitting progress, the scale of Guangzhou musical instruments show a steady rise, the effect of continuous improvement, has been fully affirmed the exhibitors and the audience, and further enhance the influence of Guangzhou musical instruments exhibition in the industry.