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Any description of the circumstances of which the company is presented to the company is true. My own situation, including but not limited to my qualifications, degree, skills, work experience, family situation, marital status, physical condition, etc.. If I am not a real statement of their own circumstances, as I am the fraud, the company can hereby lift the labor contract with me, and do not bear any liability for compensation. For the damage caused to the company by my untrue statement.

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Question 1: What kind of conditions or abilities do you think you should have to do with the position you are applying for?

Question 2: Please tell me what you can do for the company.

Question 3: Could you project what you would like to be doing five years from now?

Question 4: Our company will be on March 9 - 12 C in the Pazhou area held a light and sound show, to provide free 9, 10, two nights hotel accommodation for the guests. The foreign JACK to reserve 8 days, 9 days and two nights, I hope the company can pay the rent for him. How do you deal with it? And please reply by mail to foreign JACK.

Question 5: Sound and light instruments Pazhou Exhibition will be opened in the C District in March 9th, would you please write a brief welcome now.

Question 6: Translate to English: 广东地区是中国最大最重要的牙科设备制造基地。根据广东省药监局的统计,中国40%以上的牙科设备在广东生产。广东省是中国最大、水平最高的义齿加工厂集中区域。得天独厚的产业优势使华南国际口腔展百花齐放。国际先进的高档设备、材料和质优价廉的中国牙科产品倾情绽放,应有尽有。是国内外采购商参加中国口腔展会的第一选择。

Question 7: Translate to Chinese: Various activities will be held concurrently, including The 4th HC360 Buyers Conference, The 4th "China Cup” DJ Contest and Lecture on Guzheng (Chinese zither) by Professor Chen Anhua. In addition, several seminars will be presented, including Members Conference and Technology Seminar by Guangdong Association of Recording Engineers, 2010 Entertainment Equipment Technology and Stage Art Development Seminar, and Members Conference and Entertainment Project Exchange. New Year new atmosphere, 2010 is a year worth expecting; Guangzhou Expo 2010 will surely set on a higher position and bring out the best show ever. Let the high-spirited sound play, the colorful lights shine, the melodious musical instruments play, the microphone sing, and let us progress together with confidence and faith into a brighter future!